Patient Participation Group

Who Are We?

We are all patients of Avonside Health Centre who have volunteered to join the group that represents the interests of the patients AND the practice generally. We have both working and retired members with children and grandchildren; both men and women, many with chronic conditions.

We are a body of a dozen patients and we meet bi-monthly with doctors, nurses and admin staff.

What Is Our Purpose?

  • We act as a sounding board for any new initiatives proposed by the staff
  • We receive reports on any complaints registered by staff
  • We bring to the staff’s attention any issues that concern patients generally – not individual complaints
  • We assist staff on occasions such as the flu clinics
  • We see ourselves as guardians of a quality service – a critical friend

How Do You Contact Us?

Messages may be left behind reception in envelopes addressed to the 'Patient Group', or you can complete our online contact form.

How Do I Apply to Join?

If you would like to join our Patient Participation Group:

Please complete our online PPG Joining form

Alternatively, contact our Practice Manager on 01926 492311.

Highlights from the last meeting

At the PPG meeting on 15th January 2018 the main points of discussion were:

Listening to Patients

We continue to work hard to improve the ways we deliver services, focusing on areas highlighted in the feedback we receive from patients.

Whenever you visit the Health Centre, you will have the opportunity to take part in the 'Friends and Families Test' which asks 'How likely are you to recommend our GP practice to Friends or Family if they needed similar care or treatment?'. We review the feedback from this test on a regular basis with our patient participation group.

Many of our patients have also participated in the National GP Patient Survey which is commissioned independently.

You can view our survey results in the surveys section of this page.

Our thanks go to everyone who takes the trouble to give us feedback on our services!